Training Design and Delivery

December 31st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

Training Design and DeliveryTrainers are always on the lookout for a quick, easy-to-use guide to help them through the process of designing, producing, implementing, delivering, and evaluating training programs. Training Design & Delivery is intended to be that simple, single-source guide for every trainer, training manager, and even the occasional trainer. Author Geri McArdle provides an easy-to-understand 20-step training system model, along with dozens of useful standard forms and client memorandums, step-by-step methodology checklists, and other job aids. It features a comprehensive trainer’s toolkit that provides tips and techniques on subjects ranging from internal consulting to course construction, to games and retention exercises. After reading this book you will be able to answer the three most critical questions facing any training professional: What content should be included? How should the material be taught and delivered? How can you ensure that the training is working?

April Michelle worked with the author to developmental edit this manuscript. Together, they reorganized chapters and sections within the chapters. Once this was completed, April Michelle copyedited the manuscript, preparing it for the publisher.

10 Steps to Successful Strategic Planning

November 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

10 Steps to Successful Strategic PlanningCreate a dynamic strategic plan, central to your organizations ability to make critical business decisions, with this step-by-step walk through the strategic planning process. 10 Steps to Successful Strategic Planning offers a simple 10-step process to assessing your priorities, organizing your goals, and getting your organization on the path to planned success. Loaded with worksheets, exercises, tips, tools, checklists, and other easy-to-use and interactive learning aids, this title guides you through the entire strategic planning process.

April Michelle Davis indexed this 200+-page book in two weeks. In addition, she provided light proofreading for errors she noticed while indexing the book.

Staying Legal

October 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading


Is your website in violation of copyright laws? Do you know how you can keep others from copying your creative products? What effect has the rapid proliferation of communications—from the Internet to iPods—had on copyright law? In Staying Legal, a book and companion CD-ROM, Francine Ward answers all the important questions—from the time limits of copyrights to the rights and limitations of a copyright holder. The CD-ROM includes pointers for filling out U.S. Government forms. Business owners, authors, HR professionals, and everyone who produces creative material for any medium will find this box set helpful.

In 7 days, April Michelle Davis wrote and edited the index for this step-by-step book. Even though this was an extremely short amount of time for this project, because the manuscript was well written and well edited, writing the index was not as difficult as it could have been.

EI to Publish MG/YA Book

September 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

April Michelle Davis is preparing to publish her first chapter book, A Princess in Disguise. April Michelle began writing this book almost 20 years ago in the height of her fascination with princesses. A Princess in Disguise was her first literary love, and now April Michelle desires to share the book with the world. You can be instrumental in making this happen by your generous donation. Beginning September 14, and lasting for 45 days, April Michelle and Iguana Books (her publisher) are running a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the book publishing costs. All supporters will be rewarded for their generosity with either a thank you note, a signed print of the book’s cover art, a digital copy of the finished book, or a print copy of the limited-edition version of the finished book.

Fotosearch_k10420993 (1)Like many young girls, April Michelle wanted to be a princess when she was growing up. A Princess in Disguise is a coming-of-age story about a princess on a mental journey, which she decides to turn into a physical odyssey as well. The princess is searching for who she is, who she wants to become, and in the absence of her mother, she is being forced to marry a stranger whom her father has chosen.

As a teenager April Michelle noticed while watching TV shows and movies that the princesses often had no mothers present. April Michelle wrote this book to show the struggles that princesses can face and to answer the question of where the mothers are.

April Michelle Davis is a freelance editor, indexer, and proofreader. She is the chapter coordinator for the Virginia chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association. She is also the Social Media Marketing Expert for the National Association for Independent Writers and Editors and a lifetime member of the American Copy Editors Society. In addition, she teaches courses through Editorial Inspirations, associations, and colleges on topics such as editing, indexing, grammar, writing, and macros.

April Michelle Davis has lived in Richmond, Virginia, since 2007 and is originally from Northern Virginia.

EI Mentioned in ACES Newsletter

August 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

April Michelle Davis was given recognition twice in the Winter 2015 edition of ACES Tracking Changes.

April Michelle and Editorial Inspirations were profiled, and April Michelle was accredited with her persistence to get into the business, her ability to prove her talents within the business, and her drive to make a good name for herself in the business.

April Michelle was also recommended as a resource for newbies and for those who want to reaffirm their skills by taking April Michelle’s webinars offered through and privately through her own company, Editorial Inspirations.


Hold On, You Lost Me

July 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

That everyone learns differently is no secret; it likely comes up in your everyday conversations with friends, peers, and colleagues. Phrases such as “I have to see it to remember it” or “I never forget a face” or “Once I hear something, I’ve got it” are probably familiar declarations of learning style to most of us.

By using an innovative, research-based teaching model known as 4MAT, Hold On, You Lost Me! pushes this common understanding to a new level by presenting a practical and easy-to-implement eight-step process for designing effective training programs.

April Michelle copyedited the manuscript and worked with the two authors to prepare it for publication. April Michelle’s expertise in all these areas along with her excellent interpersonal skills allowed her to complete the project in only five weeks.

Hold On You Lost Me

EI Speaks at Randolph-Macon College

June 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

April Michelle Davis was invited back, for the third time, on January 21, 2015, to speak to the student body and faculty of Randolph-Macon College. April Michelle spoke from the array of topics presented in her workshop, Working with an Editor: The Editorial Process. April Michelle spoke on such topics as what an editor does, tips for working with an editor, the benefits of working with an editor, and the steps to becoming an editor. As a professional editor herself, April Michelle shared personal experiences, both success stories and stories that showed the challenges of the industry and what lessons she learned, as well as how they proved invaluable to her professional growth.

In addition, April Michelle spoke to the group about what drove her and what she did that was responsible for her success as an editor. She shared the creative methods that she developed to get her name out to her targeted audience, including the many speaking engagements at conferences and for college classes on freelancing and related topics. April Michelle also talked about how her determination to become a respected editor contributed to her accomplishments in the industry such as being named the social media marketing expert for the National Association for Independent Writers and Editors, the chapter coordinator for the Virginia chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and the chair and the website administrator for the Mid- & South-Atlantic chapter for the American Society for Indexing.


May 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

PhylogeneticsThis new edition of Phylogenetics captures the very essence of this rapidly evolving discipline. Written for the practicing systematist and phylogeneticist, it addresses both the philosophical and technical issues of the field, as well as surveys general practices in taxonomy. Major sections of the book deal with the nature of species and higher taxa, homology and characters, trees and tree graphs, and biogeography—the purpose being to develop biologically relevant species, character, tree, and biogeographic concepts that can be applied fruitfully to phylogenetics.

I diligently worked on preparing this manuscript for publication in the allotted three weeks I was given to copyedit it. Because this manuscript was written in technical language, I worked to ensure consistency throughout the manuscript and within the technical realm of the industry, and in doing so, the client’s satisfaction with the final product solidified our working relationship for future jobs.

EI Speaks at Agile Writers Meeting

April 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

AgileWriters2014April Michelle Davis spoke before approximately 25 members of the Agile Writers on September 30, 2014. April Michelle presented her workshop “Working with a Freelance Editor: The Editorial Process” and shared personal work experiences to include her uniquely tailored work style when editing a manuscript. April Michelle enthusiastically entertained many questions related to the topics, led an interactive discussion on how and where writers can find editors, and answered other questions that were of particular interest to the members of the group. The time quickly spanned the allotted 2 hours before adjourning.

Consulting on the Inside

March 1st, 2015

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading



Many people who once thought of themselves as subject matter experts are now asked to be internal consultants. Regardless of your field, being a consultant means “using expertise, influence, and personal skills to facilitate a client-requested change without the formal authority to implement recommendations.” It’s not enough anymore simply to offer advice or to implement policies. Being an internal consultant requires you to provide real value to the business or organization in which you live and work. In their book, Consulting on the Inside: A Practical Guide for Internal Consultants, second edition, Beverly Scott and B. Kim Barnes discuss a set of internal consulting competencies.

As the copyeditor for this book, I worked with the authors for several weeks to prepare the manuscript for publication. In this situation, I worked with the lead author to finalize the manuscript and prepare it for publication. Working with multiple authors on the same manuscript can pose additional challenges, but these authors followed the guidelines I laid out, and as a result, the process moved forward efficiently.