A Princess in Disguise on Boat History

January 1st, 2019

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April Michelle Davis wrote her book A Princess in Disguise because of her fascination with princesses. She wrote this fiction book using descriptions of many 1700 and 1800 places and things.

In August 2017, Geri Walton asked April Michelle to guest blog on the boats of this era because Princess Margaret and Huntley, the main female and male characters of A Princess in Disguise, sailed on a boat during many of their adventures and Princess Margaret’s father, the king, owned a fleet of ships.

The boats built in the 1700s and 1800s traveled slower because they depended on the wind to move them, and their lifespans were shorter than those of today partly because of bug infestation, which helped to weaken the wood of the hauls. The wheel to steer the boat was an important component because it determined the direction the boat would move, which also meant it would require crewmen to man it at all times, day and night, to keep the boat on course.

The variety of the food on the boats was limited, and some items were in short supply because of lack of funds or food contamination, yet what was available was still consumed by the crewmen and livestock so oftentimes the crewmen became ill and required medical treatment. Yet, medical treatment onboard the boats was simple and ports could be miles in the distance. The lifestyle of the crewmen on the boats was not very desirable, and the wages they earned were minimal compared to the hard labor that was performed to earn them.

A Princess in Disguise Wins Award

December 1st, 2018

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April Michelle Davis’s young adult book A Princess in Disguise was reviewed by Kathleen Lance of One Stop Fiction. And this review led to A Princess in Disguisereceiving an award: The One Stop Fiction Book Award!

Lance’s interpretations were very similar to April Michelle’s, just expressed in different words, such as how Lance described the relationship between Princess Margaret and the emotion love.

Lance wrote, “Readers will appreciate [Margaret’s] courage in abandoning an arranged marriage to seek love. At first this is the love of her mother who disappeared when Margaret was just a baby. But, as Margaret comes to discover, love can include love for one’s country and people, love for a man, and love for the woman who, though not her mother, was always there for her. This important lesson if given through Margaret’s adventures on Huntley’s ship and through her increasing awareness of the world around her. Ms. Davis has given readers a lesson without actually teaching.”

Lance truly understands April Michelle’s special messages that are intertwined in the pages of her book A Princess in Disguise. Through growth and maturity, Margaret experiences the many facets of love and comes to rely on this as an inner strength to make her final destiny decision that will drive her forward.

Princess at Reading ROCKS

November 1st, 2018

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April Michelle Davis was selected as the local author from the northern Virginia area to have a portion of her young adult book A Princess in Disguise read to an audience of elementary school age children and their parents. The event, Reading ROCKS the Red Carpet, hosted by the faculty of Marshall Elementary School, was held at the Barnes & Noble in Manassas, Virginia, on September 15, 2017.

Local celebrities were invited to read stories to the children, and April Michelle was the featured local author. April Michelle grew up in Fairfax County, attending school, elementary through college, before April Michelle married her prince and moved to the Richmond area.

In April Michelle‘s book A Princess in Disguise, the main female character, Princess Margaret, journeyed throughout her father’s and uncle’s lands, living among their people, only to rediscover that to be true to herself she must be true to the people she would someday rule over.

A Princess in Disguise Featured on Read Across America

October 1st, 2018

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April Michelle Davis and A Princess in Disguise were highlighted for NEA’s Read Across America in The Bridge, Messiah College Alumni Magazine. “April Michelle is a ’01 English graduate who relies on the education she received at Messiah College in her profession as an author when writing her recently published young adult book A Princess in Disguise.”

Value Match Selling

September 1st, 2018

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Proven, powerful, and effective, ValueMatch™ listening skills will help you open the door to your prospective home buyers’ emotional need to buy a new home. With ValueMatch™ Selling for Home Builders, you will learn how to build rapport with prospective home buyers, learn about their needs, make powerful presentations that are focused on their values, and go for the close. This book provides practical applications that can be used by the rookie or seasoned veteran. Nowell’s emphasis on questioning strategies and listening skills helps salespeople build relationships with potential customers by helping to find a home to match the prospective buyer’s specific needs.

April Michelle Davis spent three weeks editing this manuscript and preparing it for publication. She knows that editing manuscripts requires analytical skills that publishers expect of editors. April Michelle took the lead and was steadfast in her work to keep the project on its schedule.

The Sick Bug

August 1st, 2018

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In this delightful and amusing story, little Tess doesn’t feel well. When her Mom says she has ”a bug,” Tess becomes concerned, believing that she may have an actual insect inside her body. Mom goes on to clarify that Tess’s type of bug is a ”sick bug,” and she gives fun and imaginative descriptions of the creatures, explains how they affect a little one’s body, and, most importantly, advises how to get rid of them.

The Sick Bug is a timeless story that will appeal to children and adults alike. The clever rhyming dialogue between a mother and daughter captures a child’s wide-eyed innocence and endless imagination, as well as the patience and empathy of a parent comforting a sick one. The Sick Bug is a whimsical tale complete with vivid and captivating illustrations that bring the ”sick bugs” and their bug world to life. At the same time, it leaves readers with a simple but true message for how to get better. Sure to bring a smile even when under the weather!

April Michelle Davis worked with the publisher to proofread this manuscript. She completed the proofread of this rhyming book within a week to keep this wonderful project on schedule.

Revenge for the Hunted

July 1st, 2018

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When six hunters are found dead shortly after the season opens, law enforcement investigates the seemingly connected murders, a link that’s confirmed when an unknown anti-hunting extremist demands that the season be closed. Despite safety concerns, the state refuses, an angered hunting community reacts, and more hunters fall victim. As FBI Agent Max Miller learns about the deadly, ghost-like killer and takes to the mountains trying to cross his path, he suspects the man he’s looking for, ironically, has hunted before.

April Michelle Davis proofread this manuscript for the publisher. She completed this project within one week to finalize this self-published project for the author.

Real Estate Agent Redefined

June 1st, 2018

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The Real Estate Agent Redefined is a practical guide to running a successful referral-based real estate practice. By incorporating the strategies, concepts, and exercises outlined in this book, you will benefit from delivering the ultimate client experience in a world of evolving technology and changing consumer behavior. Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to redefine how you do business or a rookie agent searching for direction and “how to’s,” this book is your answer.

April Michelle Davis was given six weeks to complete both the proofreading and the indexing for this project. First, she proofread the manuscript to be sure no major changes would occur, and then she wrote the index for this book.

No Time for Tears

May 1st, 2018

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Welcome to the maze of secrets and corruption among friends, the jealousy and animosity between brothers, and attraction fueled by unbridled passion among strangers. Eavesdrop on the dialogue that befriends the hidden agendas among them. Discover old alliances that expose a past each of them sought to remain silent about. Welcome to the local crime investigation unit, which has exhausted every lead discovered in solving the crimes. This is a story of desperation among friends, unfulfilled desires between lovers, and a series of violent events that allow No Time For Tears.

April Michelle Davis spent several months working directly with the author to perform a substantive edit, as well as a copyedit, on the manuscript, preparing it for publication.

Never Finished…Just Begun

April 1st, 2018

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Lloyd Burgess Sharp, affectionately called L. B. by those who knew him best, was a pioneer in outdoor education long before the term became commonly known (and coined by Sharp himself). Beginning his career with Life Magazine’s Fresh Air Farms in the early 1900s, L. B. transformed youth camping programs from what had previously been militaristic, oppressive, and punitive to a focus on providing educational, nurturing, and small group camping experiences for youth across the United States. Spanning the decades from his birth in 1895 to his passing in 1963, Never Finished . . . Just Begun presents L. B.’s remarkable career accomplishments, as told by his friends and associates, and the many ways in which his leadership inspired them all.

April Michelle Davis worked directly with the publisher and proofread the manuscript. April Michelle completed this project within one week, which kept the book on the publisher’s schedule and kept the book’s costs within the author’s budget.