NAHB-OSHA Trenching and Excavation Handbook

March 1st, 2018

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

Prevent trenching accidents! NAHB-OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety Handbook explains in simple language how to comply with OSHA excavation standards on residential job sites. In an easy-to-use English-Spanish format, the book provides guidelines for conducting safe trenching and excavation operations and identifies safe work practices that can prevent serious accidents and injuries. It includes clear explanations and photographs of the following:

  • trenching and excavation hazards
  • competent-person responsibilities
  • soil type and testing
  • protective systems usage
  • house foundations/basement excavations
  • employee training
  • hazardous atmospheres
  • entry and egress into trenches and excavations
  • inspections

April Michelle Davis worked with the publisher to satisfy their requirements while copyediting the English version of this book. April Michelle worked quickly and efficiently and completed the edit within two weeks, editing not only the text but also the many charts and tables.

Modern Day Gypsy

February 1st, 2018

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

The answer to the question on everybody’s mind lies in between the pages of this refreshing collection of short stories where Gypsy discovers the secret to satisfaction by accepting her insatiable appetite for the unknown.

Gypsy, a spirited city girl from the suburbs of Detroit, finds herself in a career that fits into her lifestyle perfectly, a flight attendant for Encompass Airlines. Because she has always had an attraction to space travel and the wonders of the world, this career move appears to be destiny calling. Gypsy’s world seems impossibly fascinating as she wanders through different countries in exquisite clothing and pricey stilettos, sampling the world of relationships and giving readers an inside invitation to enjoy her incredible life on the fly. She travels to some of the most fantastic cities and has unrestricted access to the rich and the powerful: basketball players, prime ministers, police officers, and, of course, pilots. Her increasing desire for spontaneous relationships flourishes with each amazing story.

Modern Day Gypsy is hugely revealing and provides unobstructed views from the top with a humorous narration that connects through a series of exchanges, problems with work, broken friendships, and spicy love affairs. She may have to consider giving up the fast lane for a slower paced city life when she’s faced with a life-altering decision that could either destroy her passionate spirit or heal her misguided soul. The choice is hers to make and the options are clear, but the window of opportunity is closing in fast on Gypsy’s world of glamour.

Do flight attendants really have a man in every port of call?

April Michelle Davis worked directly with the author to edit the manuscript and prepare it for publication. Working with the author on this project was fun and humorous, just as this book plays out.

Leaders for Tomorrow

January 1st, 2018

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

Our world today offers a host of new challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, we see an emerging global knowledge economy fed by an unprecedented investment in network technologies and the unleashing of human creativity in all fields. On the other hand, we also face significant challenges: economic disparity, global warming, education inadequacies, and global financial service failures. When we encounter these problems, the future feels insecure.

Emerging leaders will need to deal with these confusing realities and set a course for the future. Leadership thinking of previous eras created today’s challenges, but that thinking won’t solve them. Your leaders need to engage in different conversations. Conversations designed to cause the emergence of new ideas and new processes capable of delivering on the promise of this new era. Are you having the conversations you need to have to prepare your leaders for tomorrow?

April Michelle Davis worked directly with the publisher to prepare Leaders for Tomorrow for publication. She proofread the manuscript in one week and kept the book on its publication schedule.

Fuse It

December 1st, 2017

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

This basic primer for using any and all things fusible covers the gamut of products available today and melds the boundaries between various crafting communities by empowering you with skills to mix and match various mediums and techniques. This project-oriented book, Fuse It and Be Done!, features 12+ items to create, using fusible products such as web with applique, threads and ribbons for embellishing, fleece for stabilizing, bias tape for stained glass work, batting, grid for mosaic and watercolor design.

April Michelle Davis proofread this manuscript in one week to aid the publisher and help keep the book on its publication schedule.

Forever Becoming

November 1st, 2017

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

The Greatest Generation, as it has become known, survived the Great Depression and war and emerged to build a dynamic educated middle class in America. This is the personal story of one man born into poverty in the industrial city of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, at the dawn of the twentieth century.

A traumatic and turbulent childhood prompted this man’s youthful wanderings that inevitably led to prototypic American experiences at a time of great economic and social upheaval. It was the gritty descriptions of life on the road that evoked the human experiences of the time.

In spite of the harsh realities and a mother’s love and devotion that he had been denied, he overcame obstacles to seek his dream to be on the silver screen, only to discover that the journey of Forever Becoming is what finally brought him fulfillment and love. His story offers encouragement to those living in times of adversity, and it reveals that with perseverance and love and attention,  there is a reason for hope.

April Michelle Davis worked directly with the self-publishing company to proofread this manuscript before publication. April Michelle’s proofreading skills not only met but exceeded the author’s expectations for his book. April Michelle was acknowledged for preserving the reputation of the author and the reliability of the book as a resource through her attention to detail when it comes to egregious errors that would have affected the believability and reputation of both the book and the author if not corrected.

10 Steps to Successful Coaching

October 1st, 2017

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

10 Steps to Successful Coaching demonstrates why coaching can be a powerful tool to drive organization performance and support the achievement of individual career goals. The solid, understandable process presented in the book encourages and supports positive, long-term change. Ultimately, the author contends, coaching is a pathway to greater satisfaction on the job (as a manager or employee) and at home (as a friend, spouse, and parent).

April Michelle Davis wrote the index for this book. April Michelle looks for ways to share her craft, so while examining the text for the index, she completed a light proofread as a courtesy to the publisher, which included any errors she noticed while examining the text for the index.

EI Teaches Macros 101

September 1st, 2017

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

April Michelle Davis taught her course Macros 101 through the Pen Institute March 6 through March 27, 2017. Have you ever made a list of the repetitive tasks that you do on a recurring basis? Your list may consist of a few items to several items based on the project. April Michelle’s course Macros 101 teaches you how to put these lists into a macro where with one touch of a button all the tasks are done, and you can spend your time focused on writing and not formatting.

EI at Agile Writer Conference

August 1st, 2017

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

April Michelle Davis spoke on the topic of Working with an Editor: The Editorial Process at the Agile Writer Conference on January 28. April Michelle , a professional freelance editor, shared from personal experiences as well as voicing what other editors and authors have told her about what can be done to stimulate the editor/author relationship and make it smooth and efficient while enhancing the end product. April Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and tips from her fifteen years as an editor that she considers as a privilege to pay forward and  in hopes to generate this same attitude in the industry.

EI Teaches Indexing 101

July 1st, 2017

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

April Michelle Davis taught her course Indexing 101 through EFA on March 23 – May 12. April Michelle is a professional indexer who pays it forward by putting her learned skills into words that she shares with other indexers and those interested in the skill. April Michelle breaks it down in to 7 lessons, and during the final session, the participants actually create an index of the course text, which already has an index written, allowing students to compare their index after it has been written. The added value of this is that the participants’ indexes are critiqued by April Michelle, the professional indexer.

“Dummy” Hanson

June 1st, 2017

Editorial Inspirations Editing/Indexing/Proofreading

Esten “Dummy” Hanson was born deaf. He couldn’t hear the applause or the jeers. But he sure could pitch a baseball. He was one of Minnesota’s premier amateur baseball pitchers in the early 1900s. “Dummy” Hanson is about a boy who grows into a man with a love and a talent and how he overcomes his challenges to pursue it.

April Michelle Davis worked with the author to substantively edit the manuscript. She and the author worked together over a 6-week period to fact check and correct grammatical errors, preparing the manuscript for the publisher.

"Dummy" Hanson - Edited

“Dummy” Hanson – Edited